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pdsubraa 06-02-2018 03:17 AM

Other Machine learning blogs or Websites?
What are the best, regularly updated machine learning blogs or websites available other than this forum.

It will help us share more data in this forum.

Thanks in advance!

AlexS 09-04-2018 12:12 AM

Re: Other Machine learning blogs or Websites?
Reddit community https://www.reddit.com/r/MachineLearning/
You can try https://news.google.com/search?q=Mac...=US&ceid=US:en to search for new articles
or you can use RSS

This guy also very popular https://machinelearningmastery.com/blog/

MIT http://news.mit.edu/topic/machine-learning
Medium blog https://blog.statsbot.co/

and some others

You can try these

billchan 02-26-2019 11:51 PM

Re: Other Machine learning blogs or Websites?
ViewBase - Cryptocurrency Market Insights

In no particular order, I follow these machine learning blogs:
  1. Import AI (https://jack-clark.net/)
  2. Distill Pub (https://distill.pub/)
  3. Towards Data Science (https://towardsdatascience.com/)

99jessica 01-05-2021 12:06 PM

Re: Other Machine learning blogs or Websites?
You can use Telegram to get stuff, related to Machine Learning.
Since Many Websites are posted above, I will not add any further websites to this reply.

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