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A M A 03-17-2013 10:04 AM

Q21 - Time to say thank-you isn't it ?

Thanks Dr. Yaser and all others. It was a good experience to take this course.

All the best.

Abdulbaset Ali

ripande 03-17-2013 11:27 AM

Re: Q21
Yes. Thanks to one and all in this forum who replied to my queries. It made a world of difference.

And special thanks to Prof Yaser, for the fabulous lectures and responding to all the queries from students on this forum so promptly

yaser 03-18-2013 01:55 AM

Re: Q21
Q21 :).

Thank you all.

Sendai 03-18-2013 04:06 PM

Re: Q21
Thanks to you, Professor, and everyone else who helped create this class. I really learned a lot.

ivankeller 03-18-2013 05:09 PM

Re: Q21
I want to thank a lot Pr. Abu-Mostafa and all the people who participate to make this excellent course possible.
I've learned so much in a different focus than another ML course I've taken before from Pr. Andrew Ng (Stanford UNiversity). In comparison, I can say that with your course I understood better the theoretical aspect of statistical learning. Ng's course was a bit more practical.
Ivan Keller.

heer2351 03-18-2013 05:59 PM

Re: Q21
Indeed thanks for this course I specifically learned a lot by making the homework.

Some feedback though, I have been doing quite a number of online courses over the last 2 years. What I miss in this course is some elaboration on the answers after the homework is closed.

In other courses the "evaluation" of the answers (also pointing to common mistakes) was very beneficial to the learning experience.

Haowen 03-18-2013 06:26 PM

Re: Q21

Originally Posted by heer2351 (Post 10005)
What I miss in this course is some elaboration on the answers after the homework is closed.

I saw many instances of this kind of discussion on the forum for this class (see all the threads with *ANSWER* in the title). It's one of the advantages of a time-boxed class - everyone's doing the same homework at the same time and can help each other out.

jain.anand@tcs.com 03-18-2013 06:51 PM

Re: Q21
Thank you all for answering questions on the forum and participating so well. Without all your participation I would not have learned so much. Also, thanks a lot to Prof. Yasser and all the staff who made this course possible. This is the best machine learning course out there. Thank you !!!:bow:

melipone 03-18-2013 08:01 PM

Re: Q21
Yes, I really enjoyed the course. It had the right mix of theory and practice for computer scientists. The teacher was great and the participants in the forum were great! What I particularly appreciated was the flexibility to use our own programming language (although learning Octave for the vectorization constructs was very useful too).

ctallardc 03-19-2013 12:02 AM

Re: Q21
Thanks Dr. Yaser :bow: and everyone in the forum for his dedication and time to answer the questions.
This course was fantastic, far beyond my expectation.
The topics presented and the way professor could explain in simple term was super.
It has been one of the best course I have taken in my already long student life :D

I hope to use what I learned soon.

Thanks again

Carlos Tallard

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