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lirongr 04-28-2016 03:15 AM

A general learning problem
I am trying to find a good prediction model for a certain outcome on the basis of several variables. After taking a look at the data (plotting etc'...), I don't see any clear pattern. Does that mean that I cannot find a good predictor to my outcome? Is there a clever way to tell whether my outcome is predictable by my inputs or do I have to run different algorithms and see which one gives a good results?
Thank you,

htlin 05-04-2016 01:40 AM

Re: A general learning problem
Usually it is not a good practice to "see." Anyway, generally you can start "analyzing" parts of your data to see if there are basic input-output correlations, and/or try some simple models to assess the predictability of your data. Hope this helps.

nitaco 08-04-2017 09:53 PM

Re: A general learning problem
thank you very much for explanation . i had a same problem

nitaco 08-04-2017 09:54 PM

Re: A general learning problem
very good

john511 08-18-2017 06:31 AM

Re: A general learning problem
thank you


pdsubraa 08-22-2017 12:37 AM

Re: A general learning problem
Thank you htlin!

kashosoft 03-10-2018 08:51 AM

Re: A general learning problem
Thanks htlin.

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