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Elroch 04-17-2013 06:26 PM

Re: Q4 and Q5
One tip I would give for studying is this: if you are shattered, take a break. :D [Sorry, this could confuse the terminology further]

ToSimplicity 04-20-2013 09:30 AM

Re: Q4 and Q5

Originally Posted by yaser (Post 8974)
We either have a break point, or else we don't. In the latter case, the growth function is identically 2^N. In the former case, the growth function is constrained such that many formulas cannot possibly be valid growth functions.

Em. I didn't think of that. "Freedom" is limited because we can not be conflict to ourself. It is interesting.

LazyPiggy 03-22-2014 07:12 AM

Re: Q4 and Q5

Originally Posted by geekoftheweek (Post 8969)
I don't follow. In 2D, all four points must be coplanar so no line can shatter the points. In 3D the two x's and two o's can be separated along the third axis and this can easily be shattered by a plane. You need k > 4 as a breakpoint. Am I missing something? Perhaps I did not understand the OP's question.

What you said about Q4 just illuminated me, in Q5(II), when N = 1 the result is 4 >2, does that matter?

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